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Bulk SMS Coimbatore

Bulk sms Coimbatore login access to send bulk sms using internet software client login their username and password to single sms lionsms is the only source to send business from company name at low cost marketing sms Coimbatore

Lionsms bulk sms and marketing sms services is a division of budnet design idea to solution a bulk sms service provider and sms getaway provider lionsms services is a marketing sms and transnational sms and what app sms and voice call sms the application and software is competitive

It is lionsms service provider to set it apart by providing high quality bulk sms and email services at very low cost both individual and corporate customers

Our bulk sms and email sending application is designed and instant unlimited text message invitations season greeting bulk recruitment notification and job alerts business advertisement mobile marketing campaign notifying customers of deals product promotions and events type of messaging formats from group mobile phone numbers

Bulk SMS Company in Coimbatore

Lionsms company is best bulk sms providers in city all tamilnadu our parent company budnet is basically a software and web design company the Coimbatore top company list in 2015 best quality sms provider all customers. we started getting purchased billing and erp from us.we continued bulk sms and marketing sms business one of the year now we have more than 2000 clients now available clients business nature business people, individual, industries, education, NGO, service sector, traders, retail shop, temple, IT

Bulk sms company is established in the year 2012 We are no1 bulk SMS company in Coimbatore and other major cities in India. We provide bulk sms to all business sector and individuals. Our company main goal is to provide the best bulk sms service to all our clients. We have more than 2000 more multinational company customers in Coimbatore and other cities across India,we do not limit our self with bulk SMS also provide other media of marketing to promote or to passing information to people. Bulk sms is best marketing tool for all segment company because its low cost and immediate reach. Our service includes transnational bulk sms Coimbatore Promotional bulk sms Coimbatore or marketing bulk sms Coimbatore and voice call bulk sms Coimbatore and missed call alert bulk sms Coimbatore short code bulk sms Coimbatore and WhatsApp marketing bulk sms Coimbatore

Transnational SMS

Transnational SMS is used to send information to our clients, information like payment pending, share market tips, billing information and so on. Transnational sms for business people who send information across clients, bulk sms will deliver to both DND and NDND numbers. If SMS pushed to an unknown DND number, legal action will taken as per TRAI rules. School, college, retail shop, business people, software company use transcriptional panel to send bulk sms.

Promotional SMS

Promotional bulk sms is used to send marketing bulk sms to known and unknown group of people. Promotional bulk sms will not be delivered to DND numbers. Promotional sms can be sent during 9.30 morning to evening 6.30. Multi language sms can also be sent (tamil, hindi, thelgu and other popular regional language). There is no restriction in content like in promotional, any legal content is allowed.

Voice call

Voice call is 30 sec recorded voice can be sent to group of people. When voice call reaches customers they will get a call from a random number or there own mobile number , when call is attended recorded speech will be played. Voice call is used during election time for campaign and corporate use to promote the product. Voice call is bit pricy when compared to bulk sms, but we can add more information in voice call. A detailed report will be provided, people who attended the call, duration they attended.

WhatsApp marketing

Whatsapp marketing is emerging product in marketing, WhatsApp marketing can communicate more information when compared to other medium. WhatsApp marketing can communicate 1500 characters, 3 mb video, 3 mb audio, 5 image, vcard, map. delivery timing will be high when compared to other marketing activity, usually it will take 4 hrs maximum to deliver message. Delivery ratio will 90%.

LIONSMS Pricing:

We do not sell bulk sms at low cost, rather sell bulk sms at reasonable price and which help us to give better sms service. If you are looking for cheapest price then we are not the right person, if you are looking for best service and trustworthy company you can contact us at any time +91 89039 89308.

Terms and Condition:

Sending offensive messages though our portal is strictly prohibited. If any customers try to use our panel for spreading rumours, wrong message, dishonorable message there account will be blocked immediately. Based on the message action will be taken . Misuse of our service will attract legal action against company or individual. Amount once paid will not be refunded. LIONSMS is not responsible for any result through sms or other marketing campaign.

Few of our customers:

Schools: Most of the school in Coimbatore use of bulk SMS service to send information to parents. School sends attendance message, mark, performance report, events information, school emergency leave message. We have developed an special software for schools to send bulk sms to parents.

College: College use bulk sms service to send marks and attendance reports to parents. Most of the college in and around coimbatore use our service both promotional and transcriptional SMS.

Industry: Industry use our LIONSM service to pass information and to promote products. Few company use our bulk SMS API to integrate sms to the software and trigger sms during billing.

Retail Shop: Retail shop will send billing information during the time of billing through our API. we provide html API to send information to all clients. For promotion purpose we provide our Bulk SMS panel to send SMS to large group of people.

Mobile number Database:

We do not sell mobile number database, We provide database as complement to our clients who purchase bulk sms from us. We have mobile number database for all major cities across India. For few cities we have database with name, address, location, mobile number. Most of cities we have only mobile number. We are no way responsible for the campaign result using our mobile number database.