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Bulk SMS Service in india

Bulk sms services in Coimbatore the growing marketing worldwide. Lion sms provider all type of bulk sms like for transnational sms and promotional sms and voce call sms two SMS short code and missed call we target form bulk sms India we have client all over worldwide only thing separate lionsms form competitor is our 100 % delivery ratio and we after sale services from Coimbatore

Type of Bulk SMS

Marketing SMS, transnational sms apl sms promotional sms, Voice call sms and flash sms and Unicode SMS there are different method sms send to bulk sms of SMS which our bulk SMS company deal with. We use all mobile gateways in india and sms api send bulk sms services provider in sms getway to to push bulk SMS.

Promotional SMS

Marketing SMS is employed to send any variety of promotional SMS. ordinarily promotional SMS area unit used throughout competition season for saying discounts and offers to public. Promotional SMS won’t be delivered to DND numbers.

We conjointly offer sender id for promotional SMS. DND numbers credit back choice is additionally obtainable. LIONSMS offer detail SMS report, that has total variety of SMS delivered and unsuccessful. One 100000 SMS are delivered at intervals five minutes. we tend to conjointly offer humanoid app for causing bulk SMS. Promotional SMS area unit used largely by retail search, election SMS, causing SMS to common public.

Transactional SMS

Transnational SMS is for company to send information’s to their staff and clients. Transnational SMS will be delivered in their company name (sender id, maximum of 6 characters). Dynamic SMS options are also available, you can send personalized SMS to your client through our excel dynamic plugin. Transactional SMS are used by mostly all type of industries from small scale to large scale industry. SMS will be delivered to all mobile number across India including DND mobile number. We provide best are service at lowest price please call us for demo +91 89039 89038.

Voice call

LIONSMS also provide voice calls. Voice call is of two types promotional and transnational calls, promotional voice call – call will not land to DND numbers, transaction voice call – call will land to all mobile numbers across India. 30 sec is considered as one voice call; voice call should be in mp3 format. Voice call is used for branding, promotion and announcement mainly. We provide details reports about who have attend the call what duration they have listened to the call, who disconnected the call. If you are looking for demo please call us.

Why choose our company

Why you want to choose our company when there are 100 of company who are giving SMS at lowest price than our company LIONSMS. There are many companies who provide bulk SMS for less than 5 paise, which is practically not possible. bulk sms These companies normally manage to give at this price by cutting delivery ratio. Most of the clients by just seeing the price they purchase, when they actually use their service they will come to know about delivery ratio and with this price they cannot give after sale service support.

We in lIONSMS don’t provide bulk SMS at cheap price or cheap quality. LIONSMS provide premium SMS at best price and best after service support. We are looking for long term relationship with our clients. Our client base is more than 5000 plus mostly through word of mouth reference. Our client base consists of MNC companies, corporate, small scale industry, educational institutes, health care, government aided, individuals.Technology, we provide best latest technology to our clients. Dynamic SMS, plugin, android software, personalized SMS app for different industry, SMS API.

Mobile number database

We provide mobile number database to major cities across India. Database will be provided for promotional SMS purpose. We charge separately for database. Database accuracy will be 70%. For most of the cities we provide database category wise. Our company does not give database for tele marketing purpose.

Where are we located?

Our company is physically located in south India Coimbatore, Tirupur and Trichy. We operate in all other cities through online. This is a simple tool which does not require any installation or training. LIONSMS provide an online web based software which can be accessed through our website. It’s so simple to send SMS and check report. If you are planning to buy a bigger volume and if you need our executive to visit your office directly then we do provide that support.