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Bulk SMS in madurai

Bulk sms service provider in madurai, Lionsms . We provide all type of bulk sms service in madurai, transactional sms, promotional sms, voice call, WhatsApp marketing, email marketing. Our bulk sms price is very affordable and our service is very reliable compared to other bulk sms service provider in madurai. We have many bulk sms clients in madurai region, we have provided service to hospital, college, training institute, MLM, Organisation in madurai. Lionsms provides an online sms software to send bulk sms 24/7 from anywhere. Bulk sms can be sent to any person in India. We provide bulk sms database, we have mobile contact number for madurai region. Our bulk sms software tool is very intuitive to use, no software knowledge is required to send bulk sms service.

Our bulk sms software has unique functionality like

  • Dynamic sms - send sms to individual with there name and specific content.
  • DND filter - SMS will not deliver to DND number, credit will not be taken for DND mobile numbers.
  • 99% server uptime - We have our one bulk sms server which will be up and running almost through out the year.
  • Free database - we provide mobile number contacts free of cost.
  • Support - we provide phone, email, online chat support to all our customer.
  • Schedule sms - sms can be scheduled and message will be automatically pushed Regional Language - bulk sms can be sent in any regional language (tamil, hindi, thelgu, kanada, malyalam …)
  • Report - 100% genuine report will be given.
  • Delivery ratio - 99% all sms will be delivered at right time Delivery speed - Bulks SMS will be delivered instantly
  • Promotional Bulk SMS madurai

    Lionsms provide promotional bulk sms service in madurai, promotional bulk sms can be sent only to NDND numbers within India. We provide free database for your bulk sms campaign. Promotional bulk sms is used to send marketing activity, promotional sms is normally used by retail shop for new launch, discount, festival wish. Corporate use promotional bulk sms service to send wishes to their client. Some important key feature in promotional bulk sms service are

  • Sender ID - We provide sender id for every account. Sender id will be six character, example (AT AIRTEL)
  • DND filter - Instant DND filter, SMS will be credited instantly.
  • Regional Language - bulk sms can be sent regional language tamil hindi and other regional language.
  • Delivery ratio - promotional bulk sms delivery ratio is 99%.
  • Schedule SMS - promotional sms can be scheduled to any date within a year.
  • Delivery timing - Promotional bulk sms will be delivered in short span of time.
  • Transactional Bulk SMS madurai

    We provide transactional bulk sms service in madurai at best price and best service compared to other bulk sms providers in madurai. Our transactional bulk sms software is capable of sending more than 1 lakh sms in single shot. We do not restrict per day limit in transactional bulk sms. We provide both open template and close template to send transactional SMS. Every transactional sms we provide a sender id. We have provide transactional sms to many clients in madurai, few of our business vertical who uses transactional sms in madurai are colleges, business people, industry, education institute, organisation, individuals. The main features in transactional bulk sms service are

  • transactional sms can be sent 24/7
  • transactional bulk sms service can be sent to any number in India
  • We provide both open and close transactional bulk sms service
  • Unlimited transactional bulk sms can be pushed from our route
  • transactional bulk sms has 99% server uptime and 95% server delivery ratio
  • Voice call

    Lionsms provide transaction voice call and promotional voice call service. 30 sec is considered as a single voice call. Voice template will be approved in 30 mins, during working hour. Voice call file format has to be in mp3 format. Voice call can be sent to any numbers in India. Voice call delivery will be instant. We will provide a detail report of number of people who have attended the call, duration they have listened and people who have not attended the call.

    If you are looking for an reliable bulk sms in madurai do not hesitate to contact us at +91 89039 89038 or mail us info @ lionsms . com . We will provide best competitive price with unlimited validity and 99% delivery ratio.