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How can Lionsms tollfree service help in the improvement of my business?

Lionsms toll free service incoming call services let clients contact you for free of cost. This will eventually boost the number of incoming clients. The missed call alert services offered by us will let you track the specifics of the calls that you missed to attend. The IVR services offered by us helps you serve better. This in turn will boost the levels of customer fulfillment of your customers; add reputation as well as revenue to your business.

Do you expect a long term commitment from me?

Minimum of 1 year agreement will be there. Toll free number is so important to your company, once you start using it you should not change it, frequent change in number will decrease customer trustworthy.

Are there any restrictions on number of phone numbers that I can possess in my account?

You can add upto 10 mobile numbers.

How long will it take for my new toll free number to activate?

Normally in two working days

Is it necessary for me to own special equipment?

We operate cloud based system, so no need to buy any special equipment. Your mobile phone is more than enough.

What if I encounter any issues?

We provide technical support almost 365 days 24/7. Our customers have not faced any major issues still now. We have high end server with all latest equipment equipped.

What services are offered by you Lionsms?

We offer Toll free service, IVR, web based software.

How do you allocate a toll free number to a subscriber?

We allocate toll free number in 1800 ****&&&& , 1800 followed by 8 digit number.

Do you offer toll free numbers for personal use?

Yes we offer toll free numbers for both personal and business use.