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Transactional SMS in coimbatore

LionSMS is one of the leading provider for transactional sms in coimbatore, We provide transactional sms service to all company educational institute, software company, and industry. Transactional SMS will be delivered to any region in India. We provide open sms templateand closed sms template. Open template are given only to particular business sector. Our transactional sms service will work 24/7.

Benefit of Transactional Bulk sms service:

  • Main objective of transactional bulk sms is to share information to known registered people 24/7, for example bank, when we drop money form ATM we get an sms alert.
  • Transactional bulk sms can be sent to any mobile number in India.
  • This sms should be sent to only registered customer, sending transactional sms to unknown customer and if its a DND number TRAI will take serious action.
  • We provide open route, to school, college and people who trigger SMS via there software example billing (thanks for making payment)
  • Transactional bulk sms can be sent in any regional language.
  • Transaction sms will be activated within 3 hrs, after providing req documents to activate account.
  • We provide an web based software to send transactional bulk sms, software can be operate form any where at anytime.
  • LionSMS has many clients who are using transactional sms in coimbatore.

Document required to activate transactional SMS service

  • Company registration document
  • Id and address proof
  • Registration form
  • Filled signed document (document will be provided by company)

Dos and Don’ts in Transactional sms

  • SMS should not be sent to unknown customers
  • SMS should not have any marketing content
  • Transaction SMS can be sent at any time 24/7 Offensive language should not be used in contenSMS can be sent in any regional laNo per day limitation to send transaction sms