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Whatsapp SMS Marketing thanjavur

Whatsapp marketing in thanjavur sending whatsapp image, whatsapp video, whatsapp vcard, whatsapp audio promotions in thanjavur Leading whatsapp providers in thanjavur, we provide whatsapp text, video, audio, vcard with 99.9% delivery. If you need to market your product with text, image, video, audio then whatsapp marketing is the best tool. You can send 1500 character of text message, 5 images, 1 video, 1 audio, vcard in a single whatsapp marketing software. Our whatsapp marketing software is very low cost when compared to other whatapp marketing company in thanjavur. Mostly all customers use whatsapp nowadays, so you can reach 99% of all your customers..

Whatsapp video marketing plays a major role; this is the cheapest method to reach your entire customer with your product detail video. Any other format of promoting video is definitely 5 times costlier; whatsapp marketing video is very cheap. Unless your customer is going to delete the whatsapp video, your content will be there in their mobile always. We have provided many cost effective business solution like bulk sms, voice call, missed call alert, e mail marketing and now we have started whatsapp marketing. We have more than 1500+ clients in our marketing service; our company core strength is 100% quality and word of mouth business. We make sure 99% of client is completely satisfied with our service. We provide whatsapp panel to our entire client, they can push whatsapp message at anytime from there system. Whatsapp marketing delivery depends on network queue. There is no restriction in content like in SMS, you can send any type of legal content to your customer.

Our whatsapp software will filter people who use whatsapp and who does not use whatsapp. The person who is using whatsapp will receive whatsapp marketing. You can send any type of whatsapp message like promoting product, wishing, sending product catalogue, invitation, marketing activity, company information, school information, share market tips, doctos message, send whatsapp message to patient. Whatsapp marketing for election: Whatsapp marketing can be used for election campaign. Sending election whatsapp wish or sending election whatsapp campaign can be done. Whatsapp election campaign is the low cost promotional activity. Parties can reach all the members in a single click with there video, audio, text campaign. If you are looking for whatsapp marketing, please call us +91 89039 89038.

1 Credit = Text (1500 Char) + Image + Video + vcard + map 8 MB size